Timeless classic elegance with the CALACATTA GOLD ceramic series

Perfect ceramic collection for any type of project.

The CALACATTA GOLD collection is inspired by a type of white marble with thin veins of gold color, providing a timeless classic elegance. It is an ideal material for interior decoration. It has been used in multiple projects for its beauty, practicality and adaptability to different surfaces, providing a style that never goes out of style. Sometimes marble pieces can be seen as a somewhat delicate material, but nevertheless the hardness of Calacatta marble-look porcelain exceeds all expectations that professionals may have. Porcelain requires little maintenance as it is a very resistant material to the absorption of water, stains and scratches.

This type of marble is characterized by its numerous veins of golden color. In addition, it is optimal for both commercial and residential use, given its ease of adaptation to all types of surfaces; so it is widely used in kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms; Therefore, interior designers trust the performance that this type of material provides in the long term. There are no more limits than those set by creativity. In the development of the pieces in this collection we have sought perfection. Awaken the senses to recreate the appearance of a marble with different graphics that denotes class and sophistication. In addition, its characteristic design and the high mechanical performance of porcelain make it a perfect collection for any type of interior decoration project.

We have two sizes of tiles available in two different finishes:

  • 35×90 cm, white body in matte finish.
  • 60×60 cm, porcelain in matte finish. The 60×60 it is usually used in combination with its 35×90 matching wall but it can be used also by its own.

We have a single color: white marble, where the golden veins stand out. In addition, we have the “Calacatta Gold Ribbon 35×90 cm” decoration, consisting of horizontal lines that provide a lot of depth and, in combination with the smooth pieces; fit perfectly with bright and elegant spaces. The white marble of the Calacatta Gold series is once again recognized as one of the main trends when it comes to decorating homes in recent years. The purity and neutrality of its background and the exquisite details of the golden grain pattern are associated with an elegant and simple style. Marble has been used for a long time for interior decoration, but in this range we find a more original look to place it in more current environments in which tradition and avant-garde come together in balance. Without a doubt, this collection is perfect for creating a completely timeless environment capable of fitting in with a wide variety of styles. Marble is a natural stone extracted from nature and has a unique appearance. This exclusivity is inherent in this material and it is actually one of the finishes that will never go out of style. We can see that it is associated with more traditional contexts and more modern environments.