METAL, the strength of metal that achieves an extraordinary combination of texture and luminosity in ceramic

Ceramic wall tiles with a metallic look give an artistic and sophisticated air.

The METAL ceramic collection is a set of textured uni-color tiles that imitates the metallic look. It is designed for interior uses that want to give a very subtle industrial touch. The metallic wall tiles give an artistic and sophisticated air to different rooms of the house such as bathrooms and bedrooms. In addition, ceramic metal look is perfect to combine with different type of materials – such as wood or marble -. All the decoration possibilities posed by this material enrich and reformulate the concept and in addition provide light to the rooms where are laid.

METAL reinterprets metal look with all its iridescent and rustic charm, transmitting a perfect touch and giving interior decoration an industrial, vintage and extremely modern air. It fits perfectly with the purest line styles where there is an absence of details and ornaments. A perfect aesthetic concept for lovers of the urban and the avant-garde. It is a perfect option to create rich and decorative textures, while adding quality to the environment without overloading it.

We offer two formats with two different finishes:

  • • Wall tiles white body ceramics in 35×90 cm format in matte finish with shiny details.
  • 60×60 cm porcelain in matte finish with shiny details as the matching floor.

This collection is made up of two colors – Silver and White – that adapt to all types of environments, giving them a unique and industrial character.

  • • “Silver” a bright light gray shade that reminds us of silver with a very subtle bluish touch.
  • • “White” a color of maximum clarity and achromatic that provides great luminosity and purity.

In addition, to give it a markedly contemporary and fashionable touch, we have a deco piece called “Twist” in each of the two colors of this collection. This decoration is characterized by being composed of curved geometric lines creating circular figures in different directions, giving the illusion of movement to the ceramic and providing uniqueness and innovation. The combination of these shapes produces deep and voluminous reliefs that provide incredible sensations to the touch and to the eye. It is perfect to decorate any room in the home and load it with originality.

The result of this collection is a charismatic texture that fits into very different projects, both domestic and commercial. The strength of metal in the two colors available achieves an extraordinary combination of texture and luminosity that perfect each piece in the collection and makes them ideal for covering walls and floors. In addition, the matte finish with glossy details makes the floor or wall of our home more original and does not go unnoticed, allowing the creation of unique environments in our home. The objective is to help you personalize your spaces in which you can be identified, inspired and motivated. In addition, its high resistance, personality and technical characteristics make it a perfect ceramic for exteriors and large interior design projects.