CONCRETE, A design that achieves an aesthetic balance between function, warmth and beauty

Sober, different and urban style design.

The CONCRETE ceramic collection has been inspired by the look of a very plain and subtle cement and Nordic spaces, perfect for industrial spaces. The architecture and industrial-style design began with the typical constructions of the New York industry of the 1950s. The design and quality of these constructions give us a modern, eclectic and timeless aesthetic, perfect to provide spaciousness, modernity and luminosity to any room in the home. The contemporary industrial decoration style is characterized by an aggressive and casual style, in stark contrast to the modern and sober style. Among the outstanding elements, materials such as cement are used in almost all the floors, as well as the use of materials such as metal or iron.

The contemporary industrial style is characterized by being a bit aggressive, rough and tough. But by planning carefully and adding the right elements, we can achieve an aesthetic balance between functionality, warmth, and beauty. It combines natural and engineered forms, masculinity and femininity, as well as a bold and refined style. New industrial-inspired trends have allowed us to have bright, spacious and open interiors full of works in different materials and neutral tones.

Ceramic tiles are the most used aesthetic resource because their adaptability and versatility when combining it with any type of decorative style. Furthermore, as it is a fire-resistant material, sustainable, easy-to-clean and hypoallergenic material; does not emit harmful substances such as OVC.

Available in two shades of gray, perfect to create a contemporary industrial look and thus bring peace, tenacity and tranquility to the home:

  • • “Grey“, a neutral tone that provides tranquility and offers rest to the eyes.
  • • “Snow“, an ideal color to provide a touch of elegance and softness. In addition to being perfect to dress the floors of your house as it will provide brighter and more spacious rooms.

The snow color radiates purity and cleanliness due to the luminosity it brings to any room in the house and tends to rest the eyes and activate the intellect. On the other hand, the gray color is a neutral gray shade associated with metal. The combination of these two shades is perfect to create a calm, serene and elegant environment, as well as creating lighting contrasts.

It consists of a single 60×60 cm format, porcelain body in a matte finish rectified tile. It is primarily intended to be used as a flooring. In addition, the durability and resistance of this type of materials make it a perfect type of flooring to decorate floors in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, living rooms, etc. This collection is perfect for those looking for a sober, different and urban style. Furthermore, contemporary industrial decoration is a type of style that goes hand in hand with many different types of decorations, such as a more modern decoration with sober patterns or drawings, geometric or worn figures, etc. ; or on the other hand, with a more retro or vintage decoration. This type of flooring will give a unique character and identity to the spaces.