SHUI, a simple collection, harmonious and calm

Zen inspiration: A close relationship with nature.

The SHUI collection is inspired by Zen culture. Its harmony and clarity bring tranquility and well-being to the body and mind. The Zen style is inspired by the most oriental philosophy, which is based on symmetrys, the search for perfection and harmonious distribution. All this, results in simple spaces and absorbs the best of minimalism. The main characteristics of the Zen style are, abstraction, structural and functional purism, order, geometric shapes and the colors of linear elements, from white, brown or black to very soft warm colors, making the environment full of harmony and tranquility.

The collection bears different pieces which meet all the aesthetic expectations that could be expected from the Zen inspiration: the close relationship with nature, the pleasure of a glamorous environment and the minimalist trend. In addition to some textile-style textures and geometries that transport us to the East.

This collection has neutral shades and very soft warm colors, with matte or gloss effects thanks to the D-Line Plus technology. A technology that allows to decorate the tile surface during the manufacturing process to provide a visible and tactile relief. A cutting edge tile manufacturing technique that involves the addition of granillas that blend with the ceramic to obtain a spectacular finish. Thanks to the D-Line Plus technology, we can obtain two different finishes at the same time in the same piece: a matte finish and a gloss finish, thanks to the use of granillas in different parts of the piece. This combination of colors and finishes yield a simple, harmonious and calm environment.

Available in three colors:

  • • “White“, which symbolizes peace, love and humility.
  • • “Brown“, which conveys warmth, naturalness and is very cozy and robust.
  • • “Teal“, an enveloping, refreshing and calming color.

In addition, we have different finishes and formats:

  • • White body in matte finish, size 35×90cm.
  • • Porcelain, as matchin floor, in a matte finish, size 60×60cm.

Ceramics provide style and quality to the different environments of the house. It is important to bear in mind that, when covering walls and floors with ceramics, that each of the spaces in the house needs special characteristics, for example, in bathrooms and kitchens: materials that are humidity and heat resistant are needed. The SHUI collection is designed to be able to decorate different spaces of the home, such as bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

The SHUI collection offers different pieces with the most original decoration with oriental inspiration. Each of the available colors has two different options of decorations very much in keeping with the oriental inspiration: Leaves – similar to bamboo leaves – and DROPS, simulating drops of water. Plain tiles can be combined with decorated tiles to give each room in the home its own unique and comfortable space.