Strong, bold and valued, that’s the CUMBRIA collection

The perfect choice for minimalist and modern environments.

The CUMBRIA collection has a style inspired on the Burlington stone, originative from the UK and Ireland. A strong, bold and valued stone; Known throughout the world for its resistance and toughness. This collection is perfect for the most exclusive environments, both indoors and outdoors, resulting in a high-class finish. Perfect for minimalist and modern environments.

The design of a stone looking feature wall produces a warm and personalized atmosphere, where ceramic is just another decorative element in the home design. Stone is a very charming natural material to decorate the walls and floors of our houses, but it is important to bear in mind that it requires special care and maintenance procedure so as not to lose its naturalness and shine finish. Also, when it comes to installing, it is more expensive and complicated than tiles; so using this type of material increases price of the job. For this reason, stone look tiles are a good option to cover the walls and floors of the house. In addition, they have all the characteristics of traditional ceramics and are inexpensive compared to natural stone. The pieces that make up this stone look collection are made with the most resistant and durable materials, in order to be able to cover floors and walls on any room in the house, such as living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Available in two colors:

  • • “Slate”, a dark gray, somewhat bluish and semi-neutral. It is a cold color that transmits peace and serenity
  • • “White” that transmits purity, calm and brings luminosity to any space

In addition, we have different formats:

  • • The 35×90 cm format: these are ceramic pieces made of white body with a gloss finish.
  • • The 17×114 cm format: porcelain in a matte finish.
  • • The 30×60, 60×60 and 60×90 cm formats, porcelain in a matte finish. In addition, they can be used individually or together to form a modular flooring. At La Platera, we call this modular flooring, PLAYMOD and it can be used to provide a different touch for walls and floors, combining with the layout of different sizes and forming the most original and unique designs.

CUMBRIA walls has two types of decorations available:

  • • Decorated Columns, with a press relief in three dimensions, forming parallel lines. This design is available in the two colors of this collection (slate and white). This type of tiles in 35x90cm format have a glossy finish effect.
  • Cumbria Mix-D 35×90 decoration with an hexagons original design using the colors of the collection and geometric shapes to provide it a touch of originality. Made with D-Line Plus technology that provides a relief and structure effect with volume and keeping the gloss finish.