Baño Valletta Mix-D 35x90, Valletta Beige 35x90 cm y GP Valletta Beige 60x60 cm

Unbeatable natural aesthetics, imitating a simple stone with a fossil touch. VALLETTA

A delicate design and high quality.

The Valletta collection has an absolutely unique and particular style. The pieces have an unmatched quality and high technical performance as a result of a highly personalized creative process, leaving aside passing fads. Unbeatable natural aesthetic, imitating a simple stone with a fossil touch, perfect to use in interior spaces such as bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc; as well as in outdoor spaces such as terraces. In addition, it is not only suitable for decorating homes, but also offices or commercial areas. The collection has an exquisite design and high quality. Uniqueness, style and functionality is what defines this innovative series of floor and wall tiles. One of the main decorative qualities of this collection is that does not matter if the room is decorated with a rustic style, Nordic or classical environments; since there will always be a decorative ceramic piece that fits perfectly.

Consumers carefully study their options when making a long term investment, multi-functional and high-quality products. Therefore, ceramic wall and floor tiles are one of the best options for covering walls and floors. Tile is a natural product and its main advantage is its high resistance to abrasion, resistance to the passage of time and sudden changes in temperature. In addition, due to its antibacterial and waterproof properties, tiles are a very good option for covering floors and walls that are in contact or near water. It is also important to note that it is a sustainable product and easy to maintain, just clean it regularly with water and, if the surface shows some dirt, household cleaning products can be used.

This collection bonds the combination of cold and warm tones with both glossy and matte finishes, neutral and timeless colors. They provide quiet, warm and cozy spaces. Special pieces can be created for different spaces, allowing consumers a 100% personal and integrated space without having to mix different materials.

Available in two neutral, pure and basic shades that are a trend in today’s architecture and decoration fad:

• “Beige” that exudes naturalness, calm and formality

• “Grey” that transmits neutrality, elegance and quietness

For the more daring, the two shades can be combined to obtain tile designs with the most original and contemporary geometric shapes, which increases the options to make each room in the house a cozy space with its own character. It is the perfect link between traditional design and the most innovative ideas.

Available in different finishes, all of them with their own characteristics:

• If you want a porcelain with a matte finish, simulating the cement finish, you can choose the following formats, 17×114, 30×60, 60×60 and 60×90 cm. This finish is ideal as it combines modernity and functionality.

• On the other hand, if you want a white body ceramic wall, emulating a watercolor effect in a glossy finish, we offer the 35×90 cm format. This is a perfect way to create a feeling of luxury and refinement while creating very characteristic light and shadow effect.