The power of nature inspires our NEVADA Porcelain series

The result of combine nature and design.

Millions of years and combinations of different processes and materials are required to form a stone.

In the case of tiles, just to be inspired by nature and the use of our D-Line technology is enough to achieve real effects as the natural finishes.

The NEVADA series is inspired by metamorphic stones, specifically on slates. It has white veins that add movement and brilliant richness to the surface. The D-Line technology provides relief to the veins on the porcelain as well as subtle shine.

White, Grey and Black are the three colors selected to develop your project.

As for the sizes of the porcelain pieces, they are available in 30×60 cm., 60×60 cm. and 60×90 cm. They can be used separately or mixed creating modular patters, as being part of the Modular PLAYMOD family by La Platera.

We recommend the NEVADA collection for your projects.