The golden details which make the Goldstone series a unique stone

Stone-inspired rectified white-body wall tile.

Negative relief (towards the interior of the piece) with hollow spots similar to those that would occur in a natural travertine or rapolano marble, which share space with gentle directional strokes that occur in a cement providing a more modern design.

The printed graphics are intended to accentuate this relief, giving it greater depth. And as icing on the cake: we Introduce our D-LINE plus® production process which is a combination of glue and granilla with the property of furnishing the finish of the tile with different volumes and metallic shades depending on the quantity and concentrations applied.

Two sets of different deco pieces accompany the filed tile, adding richness and volume due to D-LINEplus®: The “Lines” deco has been inspired by the traces of Impressionist painting from the late 19th century. And the “Chains” deco with an obvious Baroque inspiration.

Available in three colors:

-A basic “White“, clean and cool.

-A rich, conquering and aristocratic “Burgundy”.

-A “Teal” as a more sophisticated and elegant version of turquoise.

As its matching floors, there a, rectified porcelaine body tile with a digital relief provided by D-LINE® technology.