Porcelánico rectificado

Perfect and precise finishes on rectified tiles

You will avoid installation problems and will get a perfect finish.

We have all seen a floor or wall installation in which, instead of enjoying the beauty of its design, we have ended up looking how it was installed and how its joints look.

This happens when the tiles have been poorly installed or when, there have been problems with orthogonality or even when the edge of the tile is too blunt.

The rectified tiles can be installed much better and its final installation will look perfect.

When you rectify a tile, you produce all the pieces at exactly the same size, so, during the installation, you will find no problems when adjusting the joints on the wall or on the floor.

When installing non-rectified tiles, due to the fact that their edges are not sharp and pretty blunt, the joint will look much more pronounced.

In addition, when grouting the tiles, it requires much less quantity of joint grout and it will lay at the same level as the surface of the tile.

If you want a perfect finish, rectified tiles are the best option.