Minimalism, light and pure simplicity thanks to the white of the SATEN ceramic series

White is the ideal foundation for any decoration.

The SATEN ceramic collection is par excellence the fundamental product for matte white ceramic. You have to shake the idea that white is boring, because, by playing with textures, shapes and finishes, very sophisticated interiors can also be achieved in white tones. White is the ideal background for any decoration. It is used above all in kitchens and bathrooms since white is ideal to bring light and make these rooms very cozy places.

This series consists of a single 35×90 cm format of white body ceramic in a matte finish; and a single white hue. It is the perfect ceramic to create the background and, playing with the different designs that we propose in this series, to create spaces of all type of styles. Playing with the textures and reliefs, the white ceramic will be completely enriched. If you are looking for an avant-garde style room that can convey a strong sense of movement, decorative tiles are the perfect choice.

The typical neutral color associated with luminosity, spaciousness, serenity and tranquility is the white; besides that it can combine with any type of interior design style such as Scandinavian-style, minimalist style, etc.; as well as with any type of material such as wood, marble, metal, etc. The white color on the wall and floor coverings is ideal for minimalist style bathrooms that attract attention for their simplicity and functionality.

The collection has 7 decorations. The first three are made on white body ceramic, providing a relief on their surface that provide a very attractive volume if what you are looking for a more minimalist trend.

  • • “Saten Blanco Twist” a decoration of circular geometric figures, perfect to give dimension and movement to all wall coverings.
  • • “Saten Blanco Tobler” combination of regular geometric figures, perfect to create the most original spaces.
  • • “Saten Blanco Ribbon” characterized by horizontal lines creating relief and dimension.

On the other hand, if you want to innovate and are fan for naturalness, then, your best choice is to combine white with ceramic tiles that simulate natural materials such as wood; it provides great personality and a warm appearance to the room. We have two different decorations with relief and wood texture:

  • • “Forest Natural Tobler” set of regular geometric figures with a wood texture look, perfect to innovate in decoration.
  • • “Forest Natural Ribbon” horizontal lines with relief and texture of wood look that combines perfectly with whites.

The chromatic counterpoint comes along with the gray color and these two deco pieces come with relief and texture. The combination of this with white is very elegant and is perfect for multiple decorations, from the most classic to the most minimalist:

  • • “Forest Gris Tobler” set of regular geometric figures in a light gray color that adds warmth and gives the room an appearance of sophistication and neatness.

• “Forest Gris Ribbon” a decoration of horizontal lines in a light grayish color perfect to give dimension and plays with light and shadows.