Loving the industrial style. VANCOUVER porcelain collection is clear about it

The Vancouver porcelain model offers an industrial finish style on any project.

When we want to give an industrial touch to our project, we choose to use cement look materials or metals and aged woods.

The Vancouver porcelain collection features the design of a wood which, due to its aesthetics, imitates an aged wood, unveiling its veins very clearly.

It is available in two sober colors such as an aged brown and a toned gray. Thanks to the fact that it has a large variety of graphics, we can see a slight shading that causes a slight differentiation in tones, and this causes us to see even more the industrial effect.

Manufactured using the D-Line technology, we can achieve an even more realistic effect on the veins.

And for the most daring projects, it also has a decoration with vintage motifs that can go alone or accompanied by the field tile and a variation of 17×17 cm tacos. that simulate a handmade hydraulic tile.

Do you have an industrial project? Vancouver is your porcelain collection.