KINSALE, a merge between tradition and ceramic innovation

More natural textures and reliefs.

The KINSALE collection represents the merge of tradition and innovation and was inspired by a small town on the southern coast of Ireland. Specifically, it was the cliffs and rocky areas located next to the sea that inspired us to create this collection. The latest trends in the field of design confirm the most minimalist and sober styles; confirming a renewed taste for decoration inspired by nature. Thus, stone-effect floor and wall tiles become a perfect decorative option.

The beauty of stone-inspired tiles perfectly imitates nature and the use that was given to stone in the past to build; joining the functional character of wall and floor tiles. The fusion between stone and cement endows these tiles with unmatched characteristics. The functional characteristics of the compact and robust structure make it a very durable material that is resistant to impacts, scratches, stains and chemicals, as well as sudden changes in temperature and the passage of time.

The collection has two cool shades, perfect to highlight the architecture and details, thus creating a more individual and original atmosphere in our homes.

  • • “Anthracite”, an elegant, contemporary and sophisticated shade.
  • • “Grey”, a reserved color and full of nuances.

We have two different formats with two different finishes:

  • • White body ceramic in a matte finish, 35×90 cm format. It has two decorations, made with the “D-Line Plus” technology that applies “granillas” at certain points of the tile, thus giving it a glossy effect. The first one, “Kinsale Mix-D” has a geometric appearance, mixing bluish and ocher tones, perfect to give a different touch to the different areas of our home; and the second model, “Mix Tobler” combines geometric figures and micro reliefs in different shades of gray, giving it an original look.
  • • Porcelain tile in a matte finish, 30×60, 60×60, 60×90, and 17×114 cm formats. PLAYMOD multi-format to be used mixed or individually, thus achieving an effect of spaciousness, and perfect continuity by playing with the different finishes. It also has a 30×60 cm Kinsale Mix-D decoration made with D-Line Plus technology that can also be used as a floor tile.

The timeless elegance of natural stone is reinterpreted in this collection to integrate it into the different rooms of the house with a more modern appeal. The different tones and textures that we offer on this stone-effect collection are perfect for any room; since for example they can be used to cover walls and floors of the kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.; as well as spaces for offices or shops. In addition, it is perfect not only for indoors, but also for outdoors. By choosing this collection of stone look tiles, you can get the best results for interior decoration. The design and format are inspired by stone, a beautiful material. In addition, with the most innovative technology, we have recreated the most natural graphics, textures and reliefs in a realistic way, filling all your surfaces with natural inspiration.