Green veining takes center stage in the NUUK series

Its name “NUUK” is the capital of Greenland, which is located at the end of the “Nuup” fjord, referring to the purity and whiteness that predominate in the design.

We have based our design on the original marble called “Aurora Green“, characterized by a background that ranges from grayish to white. Above it, a darker veining accompanied by shades of oxidation combined with the soft and characteristic greenish halos. There is a more common variety called “Calacatta Aurora” that is extracted in northern Italy, but this uniqueness of greenish shades comes from remote quarries in China.

FINISH: In accordance with the nature of the original marble, an ultra-satin matte surface finish has been chosen, resembling matte polished marbles, only broken by a three-dimensional metallic veining, imitating an oxidation vein emerging from the material itself.

DECORATION: As if it were a chiseled surface, the design rests on a relief of soft blunt-edged waves, offering a new visual rhythm in perfect combination with the organic sinuosity of the veining.