Easy installation in wall coverings with our FUN! ceramic

How to transform your space with easy-to-install mosaics.

In the world of interior design and decoration, innovation and ease of installation are key to transforming spaces. Therefore, we present FUN!, a ceramic with pre-cuts that, once installed and grouted, create the illusion of a complex mosaic. This innovation not only beautifies any room but also greatly simplifies the installation process. The design allows anyone, with minimal experience, to achieve professional results without complications or additional costs. This video tutorial details step by step how you can install the ceramic in any space without needing to be an expert.

Simplified installation

The installation process is so simple it will surprise you. First, we install the pieces on the wall with ceramic mortar, without the need for spacers or self-leveling systems. This method saves time and ensures a perfect and uniform finish, avoiding the common misalignments in more traditional installations of conventional meshed mosaics.

A perfect finish in less time

Once the ceramic is fixed and the mortar has dried, the next step is to apply the grouting material. This process will fill the pre-cuts, visually joining the pieces into what looks like an intricate mosaic. Our video shows how this step, far from being tedious, becomes a quick and rewarding task, culminating in a wall with an impressive finish.

Beauty is in the details

Cleaning the remnants of the grouting material is the final touch to reveal the beauty of the work done. Simply with a soft sponge and water, we remove all residues and dry with paper. Now our wall is ready to be the center of all looks. The ease of maintenance of our ceramic ensures that this spectacular aspect is preserved with minimal effort.

Personalize your space

With the installation complete, the last step is decoration. Our ceramic serves as a canvas for you to unleash your creativity. Its versatility in design and color makes it ideal for any type of environment, from the most modern to the most classic.

Our new ceramic is not only a revolution in terms of design and aesthetics but also in ease of installation. This video is a demonstration of how, with the right product, transforming a space can be a gratifying experience accessible to everyone. We invite you to discover the potential of this innovative product and to explore the infinite possibilities it offers for your home or project.

Watch the video now and start transforming your space with ease and style!