Discovering the beauty of the wood with the Forest Collection

It creates a warmth environment, comfort and a cozy space with all the benefits of the porcelain.

Wood is a natural material that stays alive in our forests, mountains … ultimately, in our great home, our planet Earth.

Even though, we all live in the same nature, we each build our own home and one of the quintessential materials used to build it is wood.

And what type of wood will we use? Does it need maintenance? Will it deteriorate over the years?

All these questions are the ones we ask ourselves when using natural wood in our home, but can we achieve the same finish on a porcelain wood look?

The porcelain manufacturing process allows the achievement of any design, and of course, also that of woods. In addition, the porcelain does not require of any surface maintenance, does not suffers color fade over the years, has no moisture problems and does not scratch easily.

La Platera has created the FOREST series, a collection that simulates oak wood with a sharp marked veins and knots design. Applying the D-Line technology that allows us to engrave its veins as in natural wood, giving it a real feeling when it comes to touching the product.

It is available in 6 colors: White, Gray, Graphite, Beech, Natural and Walnut; with which you can use the most suitable color for your project.

With an oblong format in 17×114 cm plank, perfect to simulate a natural wood floorboards.

And if we need a slip resistant floor, the collection offers the Forest Natural ADL 17×114, perfect for toilets or outdoors.

A herringbone mosaic it is also available in all colors, for kitchen backsplash or showers.