Discover the Mallorca Ceramic Collection

Style and Elegance in Metallic Finishes

The Mallorca collection captures the essence and elegance of metal sheets with a range of ceramic tiles that combine modern style and exceptional quality. This collection, which perfectly simulates metal sheets through a metallic glaze, offers a wide variety of formats and designs to enhance any space.

Variety of Formats and Colors

The Mallorca Collection is available in porcelain floor and wall tiles and white body wall tiles. Porcelain tiles come in 60×60 cm and 60×120 cm formats, while white body tiles are available in the 35×90 cm format. The three sophisticated colors, Cobre, Oceano, and Blanco, offer a unique and distinctive metallic look in each piece.

Exclusive Designs with D-LINE PLUS Technology

In addition, we offer designs for the 60×120 cm format (a superficial metallic explosion) with metallic grits, and for the 35×90 cm format (hydraulic tile appearance), Cobre and Oceano designs include metallic grits, and Blanco features transparent grits. They add a touch of elegance and distinction to every environment.

Versatile Applications

Thanks to the resistance and durability of porcelain and white body tiles, the Mallorca Collection is ideal for both floors and walls. D-LINE PLUS designs add a distinctive touch to living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and any other space you wish to enhance with a modern and elegant style.

The Mallorca Collection redefines the concept of luxury and style in ceramics, offering tiles with metallic finishes that perfectly emulate metal sheets with impressive realism. These tiles are perfect for those looking to transform their spaces with a unique design, where each piece is designed to stand out.