Technology that allows decorations to be produced on our single fire production lines.

Detalle Cumbria Mix-D 35x90 cm

Technology that is based on the surface decoration (at the production line) of the tile by means of a chemical reaction of a special digitally applied ink. It provides appreciable reliefs, while offering extra protection to the ceramic colors.

It is therefore an alternative to pressed micro-reliefs as you can decide the design on each piece and not a unique one as it has traditionally been offered.

D-Line Plus is the evolution of D-Line technology. Now, thanks to the upgrade of the production plant, special inks can be applied in the same line at the same time with granillas (materials prepared specifically to withstand high cooking temperatures) to obtain better effects on the decorations that the ones obtained until now. In addition to making the a great variety of different designs, the product offers greater surface resistance and chemical attacks.

Detalle Passione 35x90 cm
Detalle Kinsale Mix-D 35x90 cm
Detalle Cumbria Mix-D 35x90 cm


Lower cost of production

It is manufactured on the same production line so it does not require a second production process. It an energy saving process.

Savings on Transportation costs.

The production of the decos do not have to undergo a second production process, not having to send it to an external company that would have apply the second design or effect. Environmental pollution is reduced.

A second fired is not needed

Inks and granillas do not require a second fire process so the product can be produced just in a single fire process. The energy cost in the fireing process is reduced.

A second packaging process is saved

It does not require second unpacking process of the product, have to apply the new design, and repackaging. It saves on energy and paper costs.

The price of the final product is 3 times lower

Due to the savings during the production processes, product transportation, packaging and handling costs, it allows the product to be sold by square meters and not to pieces.

There are not minimum purchase requirements

It is not necessary to buy a minimum quantity of pieces since we decide the quantity to be produced on each production batch.

Lower production cost because the press mold is not needed

Reliefs are achieved without the use of molds, therefore, reducing the production cost.

The number of different designs are our choice.

By not requiring mold we can chose the relief we want in the design.

The Price of the finish product is lower

Avoiding the use of molds allows us to have a product with different reliefs at no extra cost.

Light transit without loss of shine and design

Similar finishes to a third fire are achieved and suitable for light traffic without significant weathering (PEI 3).

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