Baño con la colección cerámica CAPRICE de La Platera

CAPRICE: The Ceramic Collection that Transforms Architecture and Design

Innovation and Elegance in Porcelain Floor and Wall Coverings

CAPRICE is our new ceramic collection that fuses the classic aesthetics of marble with an innovative and elegant approach, making it the ideal choice for architecture and interior design projects. This high-quality porcelain line brings versatility and sophistication to any space, adapting to different styles and needs.

Made of durable and resistant porcelain, CAPRICE is perfect for flooring and wall coverings in high-traffic areas. Its bases are available in two formats: 60×120 cm and 60×60 cm, which facilitates their installation and allows adaptation to different environments. The exclusive CAPRICE-D décor is available in a 60×120 cm format, compatible with both base colors.

The collection offers two sophisticated color options: CAPRICE BLACK and CAPRICE WHITE. These models present an innovative reinterpretation of classic marble, inspired by the imperial marbles extracted in Spain. Their bases, Black and White, incorporate the D-LINE technology, which adds depth and dynamism through small veins in the design. The result is a product that stands out for its richness in nuances and details.

Additionally, CAPRICE features an exclusive décor, CAPRICE-D, in a 60×120 cm format, compatible with both base colors. This décor is manufactured using the D-LINE Plus technique, which enriches its geometric patterns with granules that provide shine and volume. The CAPRICE-D décor combines the two shades in an elegant marquetry tapestry, allowing for the creation of harmonious and unique environments in both residential and commercial projects.

The CAPRICE ceramic collection is the perfect solution for those looking to elevate their architecture and interior design projects, adding a touch of sophistication and cutting-edge style. Discover all that CAPRICE has to offer and transform your spaces with the perfect union between tradition and innovation.